Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Soda Blasting

Soda blasting has many benefits over traditional blasting media in certain circumstances, but the equipment has been expensive prompting many to seek a Do-It-Yourself approach.

There's a discussion thread at that looks at the adapter kit offered by Eastwood as well as others. It also provides links to the search engine of the USPTO for soda blasting patents.

Here's a soda blasting blog and a site that sells blasters and offers some useful info.

The jury is still out, but some knowledgeable input might help.


A friend had $20,000 in resto work done on her mother's 1954 Desoto Firedome. The work was done by FantomWorks in Norfolk, VA. You may be aware of this shop since they currently have a show on the Velocity cable TV channel.

They still show this car in their Completed Projects area, but I'm surprised they do. (Archived in case they take it down.)


They soda-blasted the body to prep it for a complete re-spray and failed to neutralize the soda before painting. The result? The entire car now has rust bubbles under the paint. The FantomWorks owner, Daniel R. Short, refused to make good on his shop's mistake (it was admitted to by his paint shop manager), but they still keep my friend Ginny J's glowing testimonial up on their site. (Archived in case they remove it). What a guy that Dan is!

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