Saturday, March 7, 2009

In October 2008, I attended the Goodguys Nationals at Charlotte, NC.

Besides driving my '39 Plymouth coupe on the Lowe's Speedway at a little over 100mph, I won a 1 of 26 chance to win this car, a very cool 1970 Chevy Nova.

Details of the car are here.

The color (Butternut Yellow) is much worse in person that in the picture in my opinion.

FOLLOW UP: I did not win, but the fellow that did employed my strategy, so you should consider it if you ever get the chance to try for it. The way the final chance works is that they line the 26 people up and each gets to select an ignition key from a bowl. Then, each in turn attempts to start the car; only one key will work. I figured that the guys running the show would be too lazy to make 26 individual keys, so there would be 25 identical keys plus the one unique key that would start the car and win. They made it easy by providing 25 keys that were essentially blanks with smooth edges on the top and bottom. Then they made it even easier by placing all the keys in a large transparent bowl held by a very young girl such that you looked down into the bowl as you chose your key. When I got to choose, all the keys were the same, meaning that someone ahead of me had the winning key. The guy who won the car was the guy in line just in front of me and it was obvious to me that he knew he had the winning key, so he knew how to pick it out too. This is a winning strategy, subject only to someone prior to you knowing it or randomly selecting the winning key. Good luck to you if you get a chance.