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HOW TO MAKE SPRINGS by Dave Silberstein

Until a few years ago, Dave Silberstein maintained a great site at EarthLink that delved into the mysteries of making springs. It was very extensive. If you needed to make a spring, his site helped you do it. He even went so far as to publish the site contents in book form at Sadly, both the site and the book are no longer available because Mr. Silberstein passed away in 2012 in a car accident. Such a valuable resource should not be lost. Fortunately, the WayBack Machine of the Internet Archive has kept an archived copy. Here's the site map so you can get an idea of what's available and also so the search engines will pick it up. HOW TO MAKE SPRINGS Introduction Disclaimer, preface, description of the main types of springs Design General principles, mathematics, design limitations, buying design Materials Types of wire and their attributes, buyin